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Sangertown Square Hosts Sensory Santa

Published: 11/17/2017

“Sangertown Square Hosts Sensory Santa”

Sangertown Square together with the Kelberman Center welcome children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families to meet with Santa during the annual Sensory Santa event.

Sensory Santa will take place Saturday and Sunday, December 2nd and 3rd from 8am to 10am at Sangertown Square, a property of Pyramid Management Group. This event gives children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families an opportunity to see Santa up close and personal in a sensory friendly environment before Sangertown Square opens. The sensory friendly environment found in Center Court, includes quieter surroundings, no standing in line and interaction with a Santa who is experienced in working with children with autism.

Reservations must be made to participate. Contact the Kelberman Center at 315.797.6241 ext. 372.