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Ready for School

2020 Back to Class Teacher Essentials

It’s no secret this school year will be different. However, don’t let that intimidate you. We came up with a list of essentials that every teacher will need to get through the school year whether class is in-person or virtual.

1. Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer

Every teacher, student and staff member will need hand sanitizer this year in the classroom to help keep the germs away. Bath and Body Works has a selection of hand sanitizer for your desk or your pocket.


2. School Supplies
School Supplies

Make sure you pick up your binders, red pens, and dry erase makers at Target! Plus, they have great deals on crayons, markers, and folders in case you like to have extras in your class for students that might need them.


3. Desk Organizers
Desk Organizers

Stay organized in class or in your home office this school year. HomeGoods has a variety of desk organizers and calendars to help you get through the school year.


4. Classroom Supplies and Decor
Bullseye's Playground

Teachers of young students will find color coordinated file bins located in Bullseye’s Playground at Target along with fun classroom decor to decorate bulletin boards.


5. Comfortable Shoes

Teachers are on their feet a lot everyday. Comfortable shoes are important to help you get through the day. DSW has a wide variety of fashionable and comfortable shoes for every teacher whether you teach English, Art, or Gym.



Sangertown Square would like to thank our local educators for everything you do. This year more than any year will be stressful, but with planning and proper safety precautions we know you will succeed at your job and make a memorable mark in our children’s lives. As you prepare for the upcoming school year and begin your shopping we ask that you look over our Health Shopper Guidelines prior to visiting so that you can enjoy your back to school shopping experience! Good luck and happy shopping!